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Developing Professional Strategies to Enhance Digital Engagement

Please note this online program is not accredited for continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit.

Release Date:  April 20, 2020 

Activity Fee:  Member:  Free        Non-Member: $30

Target Audience: Pharmacists who practice in managed care settings.  

Program Description: 

2020 will no doubt be the year of digital engagement. On this webinar, Digital Marketing Strategist Eddie Bradley will share tips and insights on how subject matter experts and industry leading brands are leveraging content to grow and further engage with their audience. Innovative technology services and social media platforms have proven to be our most effective tools to communicate stories, share ideas, and stay connected. These practices will continue to play a major role in our lives, and there has never been a better time to grow your professional network, develop unique content, and refine the voice of your brand as we navigate this new digital era.

Learning Objectives:

1. Apply strategies for growing their professional network or brand audience.
2. Understand the digital engagement tools available to plan their content strategy.
3. Create content, post, engage, repeat.

Schedule of Educational Activity

This online program consists of an audio recording and a specific activity evaluation.

Online Education Requirements:   

Please note this online program is not accredited for continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit.


Beth O'Brien | Director, Meetings & Conventions | AMCP | Alexandria, VA.

System Technical Requirements/Viewing Requirements: System Requirements Courses and learning activities are delivered via your Web browser and Acrobat PDF. For all activities, you should have a basic comfort level using a computer and navigating websites.