Medical Benefits Training - Provider & Health Plan Version

Title:      Medical Benefits Medication Management Series

Target Audience: Brand and payer marketers, account executives, field and HQ-based HEOR leads, payer medical leads.

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Member cost: $399.00
Non-Member cost: $499.00

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AMCP’s Medical Benefit Medication Management is an 8-part series.  This self-paced e-Learning training program is designed to fit into a busy schedule and delivers the foundational concepts of medical medication management within 40-minute modules. 

Part 1:   Medical and Pharmacy Benefits Overview

  • Medical and pharmacy benefits comparison
  • Foundational components of medical and pharmacy benefits
  • Market trends impacting medical and pharmacy benefits


Part 2:   Medical Benefit Overview

  • Employer benefit design and coverage process
  • Health plan versus PBM medical and pharmacy coverage
  • Medical benefit medication contracting and integration


Part 3: Medical Benefit Management

  • Payer Rules of Engagement
  • Medical Policies
  • Utilization management techniques


Part 4: Medical Benefit Medication Approval

  • Pre-certification versus prior authorization
  • Other medical benefit utilization management techniques
  • Approval and denial management


Part 5: Medical Benefit Medication Acquisition

  • Buy and bill methodology
  • Specialty pharmacy overview
  • Distribution models


Part 6:   Reimbursement: Billing and Coding

  • Reimbursement billing overview
  • Coding for medical benefit billing
  • Medical benefit reimbursement and claims


Part 7:   Patient Services for Medical Benefit Medication

  • Patient support services overview
  • HUB services
  • Patient assistance
  • Provider reimbursement support services


Program Goals:

  • Describe the foundational components of medical and pharmacy benefits and market trends impacting medical and pharmacy benefits
  • Identify employer benefit design and coverage processes and discuss health plan versus PBM medical and pharmacy coverage
  • Describe medical benefit medication contracting and integration and payer rules of engagement
  • Discuss medical policies and utilization management techniques
  • Describe pre-certification versus prior authorization and other medical benefit utilization management techniques and approval and denial management
  • Identify buy and bill methodology, and medication distribution models
  • Discuss medical benefit reimbursement and claims, including reimbursement billing overview and coding for medical benefit billing
  • Provide overview of patient support services, HUB services, patient assistance and provider reimbursement support services
  • Discuss field team support roles and review case studies


Requirements: This online self-paced program with a certificate based on completion of pre and post-test requirements.



Fred Goldstein, AMCP Faculty Member

Accountable Health, LLC, Graduate Faculty, John. D. Bower School of Population Health, University of Mississippi Medical Center

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