Available Until 12/31/2022

AMCP Partner Session: Sustaining a Competitive Biosimilars Marketplace to Ensure Long-Term Health Care Resiliency

Please Note: This session was developed by Amgen and is not accredited for continuing pharmacy education credit.

Course Description:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep cracks in health care systems and all stakeholders are bearing greater financial burden. Meanwhile, the biosimilar marketplace is poised for growth. How can stakeholders promote a competitive landscape that continues to encourage biosimilars uptake? What are key considerations that drive pharmacist and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) decision making about biosimilar adoption?

This session will focus on how stakeholders can work together to advance biosimilar adoption to encourage long-term health care resiliency. Leveraging data from Amgen’s 2021 Biosimilars Trends Report, we will discuss key trends shaping the biosimilars marketplace, as well as discuss pharmacists’ and PBMs’ role in biosimilar adoption.

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  1. Provide an overview of current biosimilars marketplace and the key trends driving biosimilar adoption, including recent data on biosimilars prices, market share and impact on drug spending.
  2. Explain how biosimilars help contribute to a more resilient health system.
  3. Indicate lessons learned and best practices for successful biosimilar adoption from real-world case studies.
  4. Identify how pharmacists, pharmacy benefit managers, and drug manufacturers can support biosimilar adoption to help move the needle on long-term health care resiliency.



Chad Pettit, MBA

Executive Director, Global Commercial Biosimilar Lead

Amgen Inc.

Thousand Oaks, CA

System Technical Requirements/Viewing Requirements:

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