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The Fundamentals of Managed Care Pharmacy Certificate Program provides a comprehensive introduction to basic concepts in  managed care pharmacy.  Watch a preview video of the Professional and Student version..           


Personalized medicine holds the promise of revolutionizing the delivery of health care by allowing treatments to be tailored to an individual's genetic make-up.  FREE to AMCP Members and Non-Members! Learn more.

Missed amcp nexus 2016!

A selection of home study activities adapted from sessions presented at Nexus. They cover topics such as the exchange of health-economic information, the 2018 specialty drug spend, rare diseases, biologics and biosimilars, among other subjects. Click on  Main Catalog and sort by "Newest" to see the latest additions. 

  IBD Therapies: Guidance for Managed Care Professionals

Looking for an online resource on a growing health care challenge in managed care? IBD Therapies: Guidance for Managed Care Professionals was developed through the strategic collaboration between the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy and *Medscape Education.  *You must register an account with the Medscape Network to access.  Learn more.  

hcv & ibd

A unique FREE online program, planned in conjunction with the AGA Institute, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, and PRIME Education, Inc. Learn more.