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Program Overview 

The Fundamentals of Managed Care Pharmacy Program 3rd Edition provides an updated comprehensive introduction to basic concepts in managed care pharmacy. Learners will explore key aspects of managed care pharmacy, including its evolution, pharmacy benefit management tools and strategies, specialty pharmacy, Medicaid and Medicare, quality measures, HEOR, and much more in 13 interactive modules: 

  • Module 1: Evolution and Principles of Managed Care 

  • Module 2: Pharmacy Benefit Management Tools 

  • Module 3: Behind the Scenes: Getting Medications to Patients Through the Pharmacy Benefit 

  • Module 4: Developing and Managing the Drug Formulary 

  • Module 5: Trading Partners and Flow of Money in Managed Care Pharmacy 

  • Module 6: Understanding Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Discounts and Rebates 

  • Module 7: Managed Care Pharmacy Clinical and Educational Programs 

  • Module 8: Medication Therapy Management 

  • Module 9: Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy 

  • Module 10: Medicare and Managed Care Pharmacy 

  • Module 11: Medicaid and Managed Care Pharmacy 

  • Module 12: The ABC's and Stars of Quality Measures 

  • Module 13: Health Economics and Outcomes Research