Innovative Contracting: Value-Based Strategies and Global Trends

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Course Description

Value-based pricing (VBP) and innovative contracting (IC) are reshaping traditional pricing models for new medicines both globally and in the U.S. VBP revolves around determining the worth of a drug based on its therapeutic benefits, patient outcomes, and overall impact on health care systems. This approach aims to align the gross cost of medicines with their actual value, fostering a more sustainable and patient-centric health care environment.

Simultaneously, IC strategies have gained prominence, offering flexible agreements on net price between pharmaceutical companies and payers. These contracts may include outcomes-based pricing, risk-sharing models, and pay-for-performance arrangements. By linking payment to real-world effectiveness and patient outcomes, IC encourages the development of high-impact therapies while minimizing financial risks for both stakeholders. These global trends underscore a shift towards a more value-driven and collaborative approach in bringing new medicines to market, ultimately benefiting patients, health care providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In this highly engaging keynote, attendees will hear from an expert in global and U.S. IC and explore three key areas: historical trends and future landscape in global and U.S. value-based contracting, payer and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ perspectives, and specific case studies of exciting and novel contracts that inspire the art of the possible.

Target Audience

Pharmacists who practice in managed care settings.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe the global and U.S. perspective of value-based care and innovative contracting (IC).
  2. Recognize different types of IC models employed in health care.
  3. Discuss global trends shaping pharmaceutical pricing strategies and how learnings can be applied to day-to-day negotiations.
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Omar Ali, BSc(Hons)Pharm
Visiting Lecturer VBA & Former NICE Adviser
University of Portsmouth
Woking, England



Perry Cohen
Chief Executive Officer
The TPG Family of Companies
Laguna Niguel, California



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